Monday, December 26

Jupiter the Frog

Tuesday, March 29

Battle of Tacos 1978

Say hello to Easter break,

Monday, March 21

another fourteen

Vader: oh no i have gained weight
Trooper: no. BAZINGA!!

Sunday, July 4

no more samba boys

Saturday, May 22


Leader: Hurry up!! i'm thirsty already!
red: 1 2 push! youre not pushing hard enough
blue: hey! im not spartacus!

everyone is trying to have a sip of the milokutak

even the minifigs!!
make sure you keep yours safe
cos they are everywhere

Sunday, May 16


launching the brand new dslr from legocam.
the smallest in the world.
only 100 pieces.
available in july.
pre-order now to avoid disappointment.

every single day

the little police inspector.
graduation day is just around the corner.
no doubt, can feel the excitement now!

Saturday, May 1

kickin' with you

Family portrait gone wrong.
Father: Just take the picture already!!
Mother: Hello Janice. Have you seen the new bag? I will get it first thing tomorrow morning!!
Twin Red Cap: Baby baby baby ohhh~ baby baby baby ohh~~
Twin White Hat: BOLDIE!! You dont have any hair on your head! BOLDIE!!
Eldest son: Give me back my hat or im gona shoot you!!